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A participatory queer art project

Developed in residency at The Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles in collaboration with The Feminist Center for Creative Work.

“Peter, Peter…”

A short narrative film

A dark retelling of the children’s rhyme “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.” Visually modelled on 8mm home movies shot by my grandmother, which became the basis for Trace Decay

Read about this project in my essay “This Precarious Authorship: Some Notes on Home Movies, Homemaking, and Alternative Genealogies,” in Experiments in She-ness: Women and Undependent and Cinema, ed. Bryan Konefsky.

Watch an excerpt on (R – trigger warning)

Trace decay

An evening length live multi-media performance

A series of live collaborative experiments developed through an intense improvisational process between the artists-performers and their ‘home media.’ With choreographer Sasha Welsh, composer J Why and performers Laurie Berg, Cindy Chung Camins, and Cynthia St. Clair.  The development of Trace Decay was supported by The Swarthmore Project, a residency program for choreographers and dancers sponsored by Swarthmore College in Swarthmore PA. 

Read about this project in “This Precarious Authorship: Some Notes on Home Movies, Homemaking, and Alternative Genealogies,” in Experiments in She-ness.

Watch an excerpt on

The Women in the director’s chair oral history project archive

An oral history project founded by Louise Tiranoff, co-founded by Kiki Loveday at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

The Women in the Director’s Chair Oral History Project includes seventy-eight student produced oral history projects documenting female filmmakers from Nora Ephron (Julie & Julia) and Ava DuVernay (Selma) to Emily Squires (Sesame Street) and Demetria Royals (Conjure Woman).  


Loose Lips is a D.I.Y. platform for queer feminist inquiry that centers the work of emerging and under the radar artists and writers. It is an unfunded labor of love that includes interviews, studio visits, listings, and reviews that document artists, bodies of work, events and exhibitions that might otherwise leave little trace.  It grew out of my experience with The CUE Art Foundation’s Young Art Critic’s Mentoring Program and their fleeting online platform Invitations for studio visits, screenings or exhibitions are welcome, as are proposals for guest posts. 

The last supper

A short narrative film: 16mm, b/w, silent, 4 minutes

An examination of a woman’s expectations and disappointments as she waits for her fiance to arrive for supper.  Screened at MadLab Theatre, Ladies Shorts, Columbus, Ohio.

Watch an excerpt on


A feature length experimental documentary

A stuttering, OCD, bi-sexual film that will bore your pants off.  This one is for loving yourself. This one is for no shame. This one is ad-hoc and public. Other people have been as lonely, as crazy, as desperate and pathetic as you. Other people want to be touched and hate waiting.

S.u.b.m.i.s.s.i.o.n Sublimation

Transforming application anxiety into creative community

S.u.b.m.i.s.s.i.o.n Sublimation is a monthly co-work group hosted by Kiki Loveday and Marybeth Chew that aims to support womxn artists and build feminist and queer creative community in Baltimore. We invite you to gather with us for a s.u.b.m.i.s.s.i.o.n sublimation session. We will spend 2-4 hours submitting our work to galleries, journals, festivals, jobs, etc. Bring your laptop and the application you’re working on. At the beginning of the session we will introduce ourselves and set our goals for the day, when someone submits an application we will cheer. We also make space for giving/getting feedback and supportive listening.

We live the opposite

A site-specific performance at “An Evening Among the Roses,” The Huntington’s annual celebration of the LGBT+ community, 3hrs

A series of live micro-performances using structured improvisations that engage the history of the ancient lyric poet Sappho in the visual and performing arts, especially the “living statues” and “poses”of early cinema. Actresses from Sarah Bernhardt to Greta Garbo have taken on the role of Sappho. Performers Cindy Chung Camins, Jheanelle Garriques, Gina Young, and Jess Imme re-interpret the iconic figure of Sappho in a cataclysmic moment of uncertainty and backlash against queer civil rights.

Traffic in kisses

A short experimental video: dv, collected audio, found footage, 7 minutes. In collaboration with film scholar Susan Potter, forthcoming in the “Exquisite Historiography” dossier in Framework.

Silent cinema’s most famous smooches collide with more obscure osculations in Traffic in Kisses, an experimental remediation of the earliest kissing films (1896-1905). Produced through a back-and-forth exchange between award-winning scholar Susan Potter and artist-scholar Kiki Loveday, the video includes archival films newly digitised by the Library of Congress for the project. Inspired by queer collage films such as The Meeting of Two Queens (Cecilia Barriga, US, 1991), Nitrate Kisses (Barbara Hammer, US, 1992), Badass Supermama (Etang Inyang, 1996) and Grosse Fuge (William Comstock, US, 1998), Traffic in Kisses offers a queer perspective on the aesthetic, social and disciplinary functions of kissing films in the history of early cinema.

Flesh Against Flesh

Gallery-based video installation with live performance


Experimental video essay

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