trace decay

Kiki Loveday live wrangling the projection in Trace Decay (credits below).

A series of live collaborative experiments developed through an intense improvisational process between the artists-performers and their ‘home media.’ These movement-based devised performances explored processes of memory, both cultural and personal, and the experience of the passage of time. With choreographer Sasha Welsh, composer J Why and performers Laurie Berg, Cindy Chung Camins, and Cynthia St. Clair.

The development of Trace Decay was supported by The Swarthmore Project, a residency program for choreographers and dancers sponsored by Swarthmore College in Swarthmore PA.

Evening length live multi-media performance presented at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY.

Presented-in-progress at Window on the Work at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA; RAW Material at Dance New Amsterdam, NYC; Body Blend at Dixon Place, NYC; Movement Research’s Open Performance at Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC; Movement Media’s Kinetic Cinema, NYC.

*Photographs by Max Franz at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY.