The Women in the Director’s Chair Oral History Project

Co-founded with filmmaker Louise Tiranoff, The Women in the Director’s Chair Oral History Project includes seventy-five oral history projects produced by undergraduate film students at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.  The strength of these projects comes from the diversity of the students producing them as well as their subjects: it is a collective effort to re-write the historical present. This unique collection includes first person interviews with the following generous individuals who said yes:

Alice Stringer (silent cinema pianist)
Anura Idapuganti
Jan Legnitto
Mo Ogrodnick
Tzipi Trope
Sadie Benning
Nora Ephron
Martha Mitchell
Hye-Jung Park
Susan Seidelman
Vivian Ducat
Sonya Friedman
Ellen Anders
Nisha Ganatra
Sarah Mondale
Galt Niederhoffer
Sue Perrotto
Thelma Schoonmaker
Randi Snitz
Jane C Wagner
Nancy Savoca
Jennifer Fox
Katherine Hurbis-Cherrier
Kimberly Pierce
Demetria Royals
Sarah Kernochan
Lynne McVeigh
Barbara Sonneborn
Jamie Babbit
Koyalee Chanda
Jackie Garry
Whitney Hamilton
Mary Harron
Amy Heckerling
Lisa Jackson
Allison Maclean
Maria Maggenti
Dani Minnick
Emily Squires
Betty Thomas
Mia Trachinger
Tami Reiker
Bridgett M. Davis
Trayce Gardner.
Ruth Gutman
Judith Helfand
Kelly Reichardt
Adriane Adler
Tamra Davis
Elke Rosthal
Debbie Lucke
Nicole Nelch
Donna Tsufura
Alice Hurwitz
Loni Ding

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