Saphic Cinemania

My dissertation Saphic Cinemania! Female Authorship, Queer Desires, and the Birth of Cinema is being written under the direction of Professor Shelley Stamp at the University of California Santa Cruz. Based on original archival research Saphic Cinemania! uses the figure of the lyric poet Sappho (600BCE) to rethink the history of cinema and sexuality, questioning contemporary conceptions of romantic love, the loss of queer female voices from the historical imagination, and the parameters of the archive.

Portions of my research have been presented at the following conferences:

Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Toronto, 2018
“What You Love: The Library at Alexandria, Quotation, and Survival”

National women’s Studies Association, Baltimore, 2017
“No Social Purity Here: Sappho as Queer Anti-Racist Protest”

Film & History, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2017
“Suffering Sappho! The Library at Alexandria, Quotation, and Survival”

Console-ing Passions, 2017
“Suffering Sappho! Pulp, Porn, and Politics on the Small Screen”

Women and the Silent Screen IX, Shanghai, 2017
“Saphic Cinemania: Post-war Perversion and the Technology of Voice”

Society for Cinema & Media Studies, Chicago, 2017
“Saphic Cinemania: from Olga Nethersole to George Cukor”

Film and History, Milwaukee, 2016
“Saphic Cinemania: Outing Olga”

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