One Woman Shows

You Are What You Eat
Sunday, April 30 at 2 PM – 5 PM
Pieter, 420 West Avenue 33 Unit #10 Los Angeles, CA 90031

The loft at Pieter was abuzz yesterday with the collective energy of art, women, and possibility.  Cindy Rehm’s provocative feminist performance project brought together over forty artists in a brilliant collaborative experiment in self-naming and memory. 

Dorit Cypis, If I Am You You Are Me Who Are We?

The space was packed and the energy charged with a curious anticipation that was not let down as Rehm opened the event with a silent vibrata that pulled all the energy into an exacting point-of-focus. Her wordless ritual of invitation into the space was both heady and embodied, ranging from the most minute gesture of hand, to marking her body with a line of lipstick from head-to-toe in a perverse commentary on rituals of femininity.  She concluded her powerful performance by eating a series of dates off the dirty looking floor, initiating one of the most palpable and symbolic themes of the afternoon: ingestion.  Later performances included cupcakes, oranges, and a stunning consumption of roses.

Cindy Rehm, Untitled: the woman who loves books, the woman who marks and cuts, the woman who swallows herself, 2017.  Photo courtesy of the Artist.

One Woman Shows–named after Suzanne Lacy’s One Woman Shows which took place at the Los Angeles Women’s Building in 1975is a precursor to Animating the Archives which opens May 13th at Avenue 50 Studio.  Animating the Archives includes fifteen new works honoring the legacy of the feminist art movement.  If One Woman Shows is any indication, it is not to be missed.

Eugenia Barbuc’s elegant “Walking on mountains/Carrying it with me.”
Carolita Blythe’s playful and powerful “Limit: The Board Game of My Life.”
Afterimage of Mabel Moore’s stunning “Women don’t know how to love, they just leech, he told me”

One Woman Shows 2017 participants included:
Ashwini Ambre, Kate Alexandrite, Karen Atkinson, Alexis Alicette Bolter, Eugenia Barbuc, Karolina Beveridge, Carolita Blythe, Courtney Byrd, Rook Campbell, Precious Child, Toro Castaño, Courtney Cox, Yami Curiel, Dorit Cypis, Johanna Cypis, Cade Daniel, Crystal Diaz, Yasmine Diaz, Jessica Dillon, Melody Ehsani, Coco Fausone-Wilson, Megan Flanders, Annakai Geshlider, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Frances Hale, Hazel Handan, Siobhan Hebron, Gabriela Hernandez, Andrea Hidalgo, Juanesta Holmes, Patricia Huerta, Denise Johnson, Elizabeth Leister, Elizabeth Medina, Gabby Melendez, Mabel Moore, Yanina Orellana, Mary Anna Pomonis, Cindy Rehm, Sandee Rodriguez, Marina Santana, Delbar Shabhbaz, Julie Shafer, Rose Simons, Weng-San Sit, Amelia Steely, Kelly Wall, Dajin Yoon, Maggie Zheng

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